IPOS and Secondary Placings

You can invest in both Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Secondary Placings through Clear Capital Markets. If you are looking to diversify your portfolio then these products may be for you. We always run a full suitability assessment prior to advising any of on these products. Below you can find further information on both of these types of investment along with details on how to get in touch with us.

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

An IPO is when a private company lists shares on the stock market for the first time and members of the public get an opportunity to buy them. A bit like BT, British Gas all those years ago and more recently Aston Martin and Royal mail.

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Secondary Placings

A Placing is a common method of raising capital through offering equity shares. Publicly traded companies issue a secondary stock offering to raise capital. A company listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM that wants to make a placing will appoint a broker or an investment bank to ‘place’ its shares with selected institutional investors.

Secondary Placings  may not be suitable for all investors. CCM carry out a full risk assessment before recommending these prroducts to our clients. If you would like to get access to exclusive Placings then click the button below!

Recent IPOS and Secondary Placings

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