We Are An Independent and
Experienced UK Based Stockbroker
and Wealth Manager.
If you are looking to start a portfolio, or require assistance with improving the performance of an existing one, our qualified team are on hand to help.
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    What We Do

    We deliver unbiased and transparent investment information, advice and strategies, which are tailored to meet each of our clients’ unique investment needs and goals.


    Our telephone based advisory service is for clients seeking specialist expertise and advice on stock market-based investments


    Get access to exciting IPOs and
    secondary placings, and trade
    safely with supporting advice
    from your dedicated investment advisor.

    Corporate Broking

    Clear Capital Markets have
    relationships with several Corporate Brokers that have enabled our clients to participate in many successful fundraises for Companies

    Mission Statement

    To foster and maintain long-term client relationships, based on a solid foundation of mutual trust and respect.

    Our aim is to collaborate with clients to help them navigate the financial markets, and nurture a performance-based environment, based on thorough research and investment ideas.

    Our ultimate goal is to help our clients beat the market professionals and achieve successful investment results.

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