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GenFlow set to be the first Longevity firm to list in Europe with backing from influential investors

UK Biotech company Genflow Biosciences is set to make its London debut amidst a whirlwind of global interest in the emerging longevity market.

With all eyes on the 2022 IPO in early Q1, investors are looking towards the companies’ potential for significant developments in the Healthspan and Lifespan space to give buoyancy to its listing price.

You can grab a copy of the full white paper report on Genflow HERE

Challenging the ageing process


Genflow’s CEO, Dr Eric Leire and his team are working towards a cutting-edge treatment designed to challenge the ageing process and give a significant boost to longevity and  latter-year wellness in both humans and dogs.

The therapy works on 4 out of the 9 hallmarks for ageing and utilises the Sirtuin-6 (SIRT-6) gene variant found in centenarians.

With patent protection already secured along with an exclusive license agreement, Genflow is now primed and ready to enter pre-clinical trials to develop its ground-breaking treatment and compete with similar BioTech newcomers state-side.

With a whole host of contributing factors to Genflow’s value proposition, the company is looking to leverage the following facets of the Healthspan and Lifespan market opportunity.

  • Age-related diseases are fast becoming more prevalent amidst an older global population. According to UN statistics, one quarter of the world’s population will be over 65 years old by 2100. This in turn will bring greater focus to the importance of improving quality of life in later years
  • Unless treatments are introduced to treat age-related diseases, more people will spend longer suffering from ill-health

  • The top-four causes of ill-health and subsequently death in humans are Cardiovascular disease, Cancer, Dementia and Respiratory Diseases – all of which show a strong increase with ages, thus highlighting the need for medical science to shift it’s focus towards treatment of these age-related illnesses.
  • According to the world health organisation, the current market is worth just under US$ 2trillion and the cultural shift towards addressing a resolution to the ageing dilemma means that first movers in the space currently enjoy a wide open playing field in which to gain market share.

LSE Listing and first-mover advantage

Genflow will make its LSE debut in Q1 of 2022 with a listing price of 8.0 and a target price post-listing of 16.0. This is due in part to the fact that Genflow will be the first longevity focused company to list in Europe.


Looking at Genflow’s peer group who are mainly listed in the United States and are mostly at similar, pre-revenue and early-revenue development stages, the average market capitalisation is £166m. Genflow is coming on with a valuation of circa £20m.


Below we can see a snapshot of these US based competitors which serves to better demonstrate the significant gap between the value of these state-side BioTech innovators and Genflow’s fledgling business.



When we take these two contributing factors into account, it is easy to see why Genflow’s imminent listing has attracted significant levels of interest from prominent investors. 

Not least of which is the UK’s answer to Warren Buffet, Isle-of-Man based investor and philanthropist Jim Mellon.

Jim Mellon as an early backer of Genflow

As one of the UK’s most prolific and high-profile investors, the introduction of Jim Mellon into the investor mix has certainly started to turn heads in the direction of Genflow. He currently owns just over 1% of the company and he recently held a week-long conference specifically relating to Longevity.

To further bolster the strength of Genflow’s backing, prominent funds such as LongevityTech and Theseus Capital have significant stakeholdings and now sit alongside the Founder, Management and Board to form the majority of the company’s investor pool.

A snapshot of two people at the top of Genflow’s Board of Directors gives us an insight into the quality of leadership at the helm of the operation:

Dr Eric Leire MD MBA (Founder & CEO)
  • Involved in BioTech for over 30 years
  • Held Senior positions including CEO of publicly traded companies
  • Successes include Enochian (NASDAQ:ENOB), a gene-modified cell therapy company

Dr Yassine Bendiabdallah (Independent Non-Executive Chair)
  • M Pharm, PhD, IP
  • Functional Medicine Specialist
  • Anticancer research scientist
  • Various distinctions and publications in peer-reviewed academic journals

With so much focus on Longevity abd the furtherment of therapies that look to both enhance and extend lifespan, it’s no suprise that signicant resources are now being funneled towards the field.

The arena is starting to become populated with investors that can see the opportunity arising which has now led to the introduction of Altos Labs in silicon valley, headed up by the world’s wealthiest man, Jeff Bezos.


The current Longevity trend & Bezos’ Altos

Altos Labs are now at the forefront of the migration towards Longevity by big name players across the pond and have refocused the attention of the wider investing world. 

Jeff Bezo’s newest venture is set to pursue biological reprogramming technology in the hopes of rejuvenating cells in animal bodies. It is thought that this will then lead to their revitalisation, and ultimately to prolongment of human life.  

Altos joins the new wave of BioTech emerging in California, spearheaded back in 2013 by Google’s Larry Page with Calico Labs. 

Needless to say, Genflow is in a highly sought after position being the very first company of it’s kind to win the title of ‘first to float’ across the entirety of Europe. 

The move towards clinical trials of its patented technology should also see Genflow being first to production and consequently first to market with it’s health enhancing and life extending offering. 

It could take years for big pharma to develop a gene therapy to slow the ageing process, but much less for them to scoop up Genflow. This consequently makes the company a ripe candidate for a major exit and adds an additional layer of excitement for early stage investors.

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